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From humble beginnings in local media-industry to website-forming corporation

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Looking back at history of Sporobytes, we will go back to July of 2014, when two young indipendent investors started their first website together. The website was Listamedia, a Finnish- language media site created to challenge the marketplace for online media.

Beginning was blunt and Listamedia was on a Finnish host, which required mandatory ads in site and it was under their domain. But intresting and innovative media content stated to spearhead readers and eventually, advertisers to small site. In December of the same year, Listamedia had gathered enough humble capital to move to real host and listamedia.com was registered.

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After dust settled from the move, Listamedia started 2015 with huge and sudden surgers of readership, which came from exclusive, first-bird interviews and high quality articles. Listamedia got many hundreds of Finns to vote on their poll on basic income and had many interviews from many of Finnish and international celebrities and politicians.

In 2016, Listamedia encountered it's first major setback. Both owners have been very busy this year in their personal life's and amount of articles has been set back from 50-100 a year to under ten by June 2016. Improvement is upcoming as personal issues have been set back and Listamedia readership has not gone down by significant amount.

Listamedia was started as just a concept of a business that started and continued to grow as time went by.

corporation headquaters

Listamedia CEO:s eventually decided to open new opportunities in website-host business, and to do this, they needed a real Corporation. By June 2016, idea was polished to diamond and after intense amount of pre-work, sporobytes.com was registered and papers were signed to form an Open Corporation based in Finland, Sporobytes AY. Listamedia was moved under Sporobytes ownership to form a organic part of the Corporation.


Employees of Sporobytes are held in highest order. Employement in Sporobytes is secure and our resource of skill continues to improve as our employees gather experience and finesse in business that is always improving and opening up new challenges. Working conditions are great as you were at your home, this is accomplished by our modern telecommuting.

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Sporobytes is proudly Finnish company, paying all it's taxes to Finland and not resorting to shady European banks and recycling money around the globe. By buying our products, you know that money goes to people and to Finnish republic in interest to improve life quality in our small and humble nation.

Finland's national flag

Sporobytes formed a website-forming business that continues to grow. We design to innovate and innovate in design. Future looks bright and birds are signing as sun shines over out business ventures.

In our bright future we look to innovate and grow our business and corporation in many ways as humanly possible. By purchasing our products, you help to form more services and infinite possibilities, which of we have not even reached the tip of our iceberg.

tip of the  iceberg